Gizmore Unibud Mini Earbuds GIZ MH 409


  • Gizmore Unibud Mini Earbuds GIZ MH 409 comes with experience minimal audio lag while playing your favourite music tracks
  • Gizmore mini earbuds comes with a stylish charging case (300mah) which makes the earbuds safe and dustproof
  • Enjoy music playtime/talk time up to 2.5 hours on a single full charge
  • working time 10 hours with charging case
  • 365 Days warranty

7 days easy returns with money back guarantee.

  • Free Shipping in Limited Area.
  • Estimated Delivery 3-5 days with Standard Shipping
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Gizmore Unibud Mini Earbuds GIZ MH 409

Gizmore Wireless Bluetooth Mini Earbuds with Mic GIZ MH 409 – the perfect compact audio solution for your daily needs. These mini earphones offer exceptional sound quality and are packed with features to enhance your listening experience. With an SEO-optimized description, here’s what makes these earphones stand out:

  • Superior Sound Quality: Immerse yourself in high-quality audio with the Gizmore Wireless Bluetooth Mini Earbuds with Mic GIZ MH 409. Experience clear sound, rich bass, and detailed highs for an enjoyable listening experience.
  • Wireless Convenience: Say goodbye to tangled wires! These mini earphones provide wireless connectivity, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music and take calls without the hassle of cords.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Equipped with advanced Bluetooth technology, the GIZ MH 409 mini earbuds ensure a stable and seamless connection to your devices. Enjoy uninterrupted music and hands-free calling, even in crowded environments.
  • Built-in Microphone: Stay connected on the go with the built-in microphone. Take hands-free calls, make voice commands, and easily switch between music and calls, all without reaching for your phone.
  • Long Battery Life: Don’t let battery life limit your enjoyment. The GIZ MH 409 mini earbuds offer an impressive battery life, providing hours of continuous playback or talk time on a single charge. Stay entertained and connected throughout your day.
  • Comfortable and Secure Fit: Designed for comfort, these mini earphones come with ergonomic ear tips that ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Perfect for long listening sessions or active lifestyles, they stay in place even during workouts or daily activities.
  • Portable and Lightweight: The compact and lightweight design of the GIZ MH 409 earphones makes them easy to carry and convenient for travel. Slip them into your pocket or bag and enjoy music on the go.
  • Stylish and Minimalist Design: With a sleek and minimalist design, the GIZ MH 409 earphones add a touch of style to your everyday look. These elegant earphones complement your personal style while delivering impressive audio quality.

Upgrade your audio experience with the Gizmore Wireless Bluetooth Mini Earphone with Mic GIZ MH 409. Whether you’re commuting, working out, or simply enjoying your favorite music, these mini earphones offer the perfect combination of convenience, style, and exceptional sound quality.


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