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      Open-box Computer Accessories on ntptechstore

      Another Discount shopping option to consider.

      Open box Accessories can mean different depending on the retailer but what remains consistent across all product categories is that buying open box can often save you a bundle!

      When it comes to saving money on Information Technology Accessories,  open-box products are useful alternatives to brand new items in saving a huge amount of money simply because the box containing these items happened to be open. If you are getting an open-box headphone, Gaming Mouse, Graphic Card, Cabinet, Motherboard or any other electronic device listed on, here are some things to take into consideration before making your purchase. 

      1. What Is An ‘Open-Box’ Product Mean on ntptechstore? 

      Typically, open-box Products are goods returned by customers from online shopping sites, inspected by Retailer, found to be in working order, and re-sold at a discount, rather than returned to the manufacturer.

      At ntptechstore, when you see an item marked as “open-box,” it means one or all of the following:

      • The item is new, but the packaging was opened because the item inside was once a floor model, window display or purchased for someone who ended up never using it/unwrapping it. 
      • A previous buyer bought and changed his or her mind about, even if it was in excellent condition. The previous buyer might have returned an item for a minor reason, such as disliking the colour of the product
      • The item is new, but the packaging has a damage – a dent or a rip in the box. This commonly happens when large items are being transported from the factory.

      Depending on the open box item, the Brand warranty still applies to all listed Products.

      2. Why Buy Open Box Items From ntptechstore?

      • One of the biggest reasons to consider an open box item is the price savings. Depending on the item, savings on an open box item listed on ntptechstore can range from 25%-40% off the market suggested retail price.
      • Buying an open box deal is a way to acquire an item that you want to have but may have fallen outside of your budget otherwise.

      3. Are All The Parts Included In An Open Box Listing?

      • At ntptech, YES! Each item listed on the site is quality checked and condition approved by our team of retail experts before it goes live. So, you can rest assured that your open box deal is complete with all parts present and arrives as expected.

      4. Do Open Box Items Come With The Warranty?

      • ntptechstore only list those open box items which are covered under Brand Warranty. Product Warranties can easily be check with product Serial Number from Brand’s official Website.

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