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      K03 2.4G Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Set-White


      – 2.4ghz wireless technology provides secure and reliable wireless connectivity and easy access to hot keys.
      – Quick access to calculator, volume control, mute and play/pause.
      – The 1200dpi implements fast responses cursor control.
      – Adopt 2.4g wireless RF transfer technology, transmit power 0DB, receive sensitivity -98db.
      – Frequency hopping transmission technology, the same office, can support 32 sets of equipment, used at the same time, mutual not affected.
      – The mouse power consumption USES intelligent design, 4 – level low power consumption mode, to save battery electricity.


      Product description


      1. With the new 2.4g wireless technology, a USB port receiver is plugged into the U port of the computer, and the key and mouse share one receiver, plug and play; Adopting new intelligent power saving technology, it can automatically sleep and save power when not in use.

      2. Keyboard size:Length 28.5* width 11.9CM,Mouse size:Length 7.7* width 4.3CM;

      3. Need 3 no. 7 batteries, 2 keyboards and 1 mouse; Ex-factory unmatched batteries;

      4. The keyboard has multimedia functions, shortcut keys, chocolate mute design, and the mouse has a sound;


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