Terabyte 9.5mm Caddy for SDD

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  • Terabyte 9.5mm Caddy Utilize your laptop’s optical drive bay to add an additional SSD.
  • Compatible with: 2.5″/9.5mm SATA HDD or SSD, Hard drive NOT include.100% Brand New 9.5 mm-thick caddy.
  • Compatible Channels switch help to improve the compatibility.You can try to move Left or Right if your Laptop can not read HDD.
  • Fully integrated into laptop, no cables/PSU/software driver need. Fast & Reliable connection in laptop, just as the primary HDD Make NTFS hard drive if you are using it as a New in Disk management
  • Replace your Laptop SATA CD / DVD drive with a second Hard Drive or Solid State Drive.
  • Package Content: 1x 2nd HDD Caddy, 4x Hard Drive Screws and 1pcs screw driver.

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Terabyte 9.5mm Caddy for SSD – Upgrade Your Laptop’s Storage with Ease

Unlock the potential of your laptop with the Terabyte 9.5mm Caddy for SSD. This innovative accessory allows you to transform your laptop’s optical drive bay into a high-speed SSD storage slot. Say goodbye to storage limitations and embrace the power of enhanced performance and increased capacity. Upgrade effortlessly with the Terabyte 9.5mm Caddy for SSD.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced storage: Utilize your laptop’s optical drive bay to add an additional SSD, boosting your storage capacity for files, media, and applications.
  • High-speed performance: Experience faster data access and improved system responsiveness with the speed of an SSD.
  • Universal compatibility: Designed to fit most laptops with a 9.5mm optical drive bay, making it a versatile solution for various laptop models.
  • Tool-free installation: Easily install the caddy without any special tools or technical expertise, saving you time and effort.
  • Secure fit: The caddy provides a secure and snug fit, ensuring that your SSD remains in place during everyday use.
  • Sleek design: The caddy’s low-profile design seamlessly integrates with your laptop’s aesthetics while adding functional value.
  • Optical drive functionality: Retain your laptop’s optical drive by converting it into an external USB device using the included enclosure.
  • DIY upgrade: Empower yourself with a simple yet impactful DIY upgrade that enhances your laptop’s capabilities.
  • Boosted performance: Enjoy improved boot times, faster application launches, and seamless multitasking with SSD speed.

Upgrade your laptop’s storage capabilities with the Terabyte 9.5mm Universal SSD Caddy and experience enhanced performance, improved productivity, and seamless multitasking. Embrace the power of SSD technology without replacing your entire laptop – this caddy offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to meet your storage needs.


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