Explore our range of high-quality print heads designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your printer. Whether you need a Canon CH-7 Print Head for Canon Pixma G Series or a Canon BH-7 Print Head Black, we offer premium options at competitive prices. The Canon CH-7 Print Head, originally priced at ₹2,999.00, is now available at ₹1,569.00, providing a substantial 46% discount. Similarly, the Canon BH-7 Print Head Black, originally ₹2,999.00, is discounted to ₹1,609.00, offering a 5% reduction.

Additionally, we stock the HP Ink Tank 300/400 Series Printhead Kit 3JB06AA, priced at ₹2,788.00, originally ₹2,946.00. Each of these print heads is meticulously crafted to deliver superior print quality and reliability. Whether you’re replacing an old print head or upgrading your printer’s capabilities, our selection ensures compatibility and optimal performance. Benefit from our ongoing discounts and promotions to acquire genuine print heads that guarantee sharp, clear prints and prolonged printer lifespan. Discover the perfect print head solution for your Canon or HP printer and experience printing efficiency like never before.

Showing all 3 results

Showing all 3 results

Explore our comprehensive selection of printer printheads from leading brands such as Canon and HP, crafted to enhance printing precision and reliability. Our inventory includes the Canon CH-7 Print Head for Canon Pixma G Series, currently available at a generous discount of 46%, and the Canon BH-7 Print Head Black, discounted by 5%. Additionally, we offer the HP Ink Tank 300/400 Series Printhead Kit 3JB06AA, designed for optimal performance in HP printers.

These printheads are engineered to deliver superior print quality, ensuring crisp and clear outputs for both professional and personal use. Take advantage of our ongoing deals and special offers to find the ideal printhead for your specific printer model. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing printhead or upgrade for improved performance, our range caters to diverse printing needs.

Explore our selection today to discover how our printheads can optimize your printing experience, ensuring consistent results with every print job.