Corsair cv550 watt Non-Modular Power Supply


  • Full Continuous Power: Corsair cv550 watt Series power supplies are guaranteed to deliver their full rated wattage of continuous power
  • 80 PLUS Bronze Certified: Provides up to 88% operational efficiency, generating less heat and lowering your energy costs. MTBF hours : 100,000 hours
  • Low-Noise Cooling: A 120 mm thermally controlled low-noise cooling fan only spins at high speed when your power supply is under heavy stress, slowing down for quieter operation at lower loads
  • Compact Casing: 125 mm length ensures an easy fit in almost all modern PC cases
  • Black Sleeving and Casing: Black sleeved cables and a black powder-coated casing seamlessly fits your PC’s style

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Looking for a powerful and dependable power supply for your gaming rig or high-performance PC? The Corsair cv550 watt is the ideal choice! With a 550-watt power output, this non-modular power supply delivers reliable and efficient performance to keep your system running at its peak. Whether you’re a gamer, content creator, or power user, the CV550 is designed to meet your demanding needs.

Key Features:

  • 550-Watt Power Output: The CV550 provides a robust 550 watts of continuous power, making it suitable for gaming PCs, workstations, and enthusiast builds.
  • 80 PLUS Bronze Certified: With 80 PLUS Bronze certification, the power supply operates with high efficiency, reducing energy consumption and heat generation.
  • Non-Modular Design: The non-modular design ensures cost-effectiveness while still offering reliable performance for most builds that don’t require customizable cable management.
  • Ample Protection Features: Equipped with over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection, the CV550 safeguards your valuable components from potential damage.
  • Quiet Cooling: The 120mm cooling fan operates quietly, maintaining low noise levels even during intense gaming or heavy workloads.
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC): The active PFC feature improves voltage stability, ensuring a steady and efficient power supply to your components.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compliant with the latest ATX12V v2.31 standard, the CV550 is compatible with a wide range of modern PC configurations.
  • Sleek Aesthetics: The power supply’s sleek black finish and black-sleeved cables add a professional and clean look to your system.
  • Single +12V Rail: The dedicated single +12V rail design provides stable power to your CPU and GPU, supporting smooth performance in demanding applications.
  • Easy Installation: With its standard ATX form factor and comprehensive cable set, the Corsair cv550 watt ensures a hassle-free installation process.
  • Corsair Reliability: Backed by Corsair’s renowned reliability and quality assurance, the Corsair cv550 watt is a trusted option for powering your high-performance PC.

Upgrade your gaming experience or enhance your productivity with the Corsair cv550 watt Non-Modular Power Supply. Its powerful performance, efficient design, and reliable protection features make it an excellent choice for enthusiasts and gamers seeking an affordable yet high-quality power solution. Trust Corsair to deliver the power you need for uninterrupted and seamless computing performance.


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