Beetel M71W Corded Landline Phone


  • Beetel M71W Corded Landline Phone
  • Classic corded design for reliable connectivity
  • Large 16-digit LCD display for easy viewing
  • Caller ID feature for identifying incoming calls
  • Speakerphone functionality for hands-free communication
  • 5 one-touch memory buttons for quick dialing
  • Adjustable volume control for personalized sound
  • Wall-mountable design to save space
  • Flash and redial functions for added convenience

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Introducing the Beetel M71W Corded Landline Phone, a reliable communication solution designed to meet your everyday needs with simplicity and efficiency. Whether for home or office use, this sleek and ergonomic phone offers essential features for seamless calling experience.

Key Features:

  1. Corded Design: The Beetel M71W features a classic corded design, ensuring consistent connectivity without the hassle of battery charging or signal fluctuations. Enjoy uninterrupted conversations without worrying about battery life.
  2. Large Display: Equipped with a clear and spacious display, this landline phone provides easy readability for caller ID, call duration, and other essential information. Navigate through menu options and settings effortlessly for convenient usage.
  3. Caller ID: Stay informed about incoming calls with the integrated caller ID feature. Identify callers before answering, allowing you to prioritize and manage your calls more efficiently.
  4. 16-Digit LCD Display: The 16-digit LCD display enhances readability and usability, making it easier to view and dial phone numbers accurately. Say goodbye to misdials and errors, ensuring smooth communication every time.
  5. Speakerphone Functionality: Enjoy hands-free communication with the built-in speakerphone function. Whether you need to multitask while on a call or involve multiple people in the conversation, the speakerphone feature offers convenience and flexibility.
  6. 5 One-Touch Memory Buttons: Save time and effort by storing frequently dialed numbers using the five one-touch memory buttons. Easily access your most important contacts with the press of a button, streamlining your calling experience.
  7. Adjustable Volume Control: Customize the volume levels to suit your preferences and environment using the adjustable volume control. Whether you prefer louder tones for noisy surroundings or quieter settings for privacy, you can adjust the volume accordingly.
  8. Wall-Mountable Design: Save valuable desk space by mounting the Beetel M71W on the wall. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to install in any location, providing flexibility in placement options.
  9. Flash and Redial Functions: Take advantage of convenient features like flash and redial to enhance your calling experience. Quickly access additional phone features and redial the last dialed number with ease.

The Beetel M71W Corded Landline Phone combines essential features with user-friendly design, making it a reliable communication tool for homes and offices alike. Stay connected with clarity and convenience, whether making personal calls or conducting business conversations.


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