iBall 300M WiFi Range Extender IB-WRR312N


  • Miniature size and wall mount plug design , ideal for home and office to deploy
  • Suitable to boost existing wireless signals and ensure reliable coverage by eliminating wireless dead zones within area coverage
  • Multi-operation modes: Universal Repeater function enables to expand existing weak signals and Access point mode to upgrade wired network over wireless
  • 3dBi x 2 high performance internal antenna extends wireless coverage
  • Manage your wireless transmit signals as per need i.e. Low / Medium / High area coverage
  • MIMO Technology with enhance wireless data transmission speed up to 300Mbps
  • 1 x 10/100M LAN Port allows to connect over wired devices

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The iBall 300M Wi-Fi Range Extender/Access Point/Signal Booster IB-WRR312N is a powerful and versatile networking device that enhances your Wi-Fi signal coverage and boosts connectivity. With its advanced features and easy setup, this range extender provides a reliable solution for extending your Wi-Fi network range and improving signal strength in both residential and commercial environments.

Key features of the iBall 300M Wi-Fi Range Extender/Access Point/Signal Booster IB-WRR312N:

  • Expanded Wi-Fi coverage: Extend your existing Wi-Fi network coverage to eliminate dead zones and ensure seamless connectivity throughout your home or office.
  • High-speed data transfer: Enjoy faster and more stable wireless connections with the 300Mbps data transfer rate, ideal for streaming HD videos, online gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive activities.
  • Multiple operating modes: Switch between Range Extender, Access Point, and Signal Booster modes based on your specific network requirements, providing flexibility and versatility.
  • Easy installation: Set up the range extender effortlessly with the intuitive web-based interface, guiding you through the process and getting your extended network up and running quickly.
  • WPA/WPA2 encryption: Protect your network and connected devices from unauthorized access with advanced encryption protocols, ensuring secure and private Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Dual external antennas: Benefit from improved signal strength and wider coverage area, allowing you to connect multiple devices simultaneously without sacrificing performance.
  • LED signal strength indicator: Easily find the optimal placement for the range extender with the LED indicators that display the signal strength, helping you achieve the best Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Energy-efficient design: The range extender is designed to conserve energy, with a low power consumption mode that reduces electricity usage without compromising performance.

Upgrade your Wi-Fi network with the iBall 300M Wi-Fi Range Extender/Access Point/Signal Booster IB-WRR312N. Enjoy enhanced coverage, faster speeds, and reliable connectivity throughout your home or office, ensuring a seamless and efficient online experience.


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