Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit DVD Box


  • Pack includes Windows 11 DVD and  license key.
  • Windows Fresh OS can be installed from DVD or Other official downloaded Image.
  • This key will activate Windows 11 on one PC.
  • It will work on fresh or existing installations of Windows 11.
  • You will get all official updates and support from Microsoft.
  • As this is a retail key you can also use it to upgrade your Windows 11 Home edition to Pro.
  • It supports all languages and works worldwide. Works for both 32/64 bit editions of Windows 1
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Windows 11 Pro is the latest operating system from Microsoft, designed to offer enhanced performance, productivity, and security for professional users. Packed with innovative features and a visually stunning interface, Windows 11 Pro takes your computing experience to the next level.

Key Features:

  1. Redesigned Start Menu: Windows 11 Pro introduces a fresh and centered Start Menu, providing quick access to your favorite apps, recent files, and customizable widgets. Its intuitive design enhances productivity and simplifies navigation.
  2. Enhanced Multitasking: With Windows 11 Pro, multitasking becomes effortless. The new Snap Layouts feature allows you to organize and manage multiple windows simultaneously, improving productivity and workflow efficiency.
  3. Microsoft Store Redesign: The Microsoft Store in Windows 11 Pro has been redesigned to offer a richer and more curated selection of apps. Discover a wide range of productivity tools, entertainment options, and specialized software to meet your professional needs.
  4. Microsoft Teams Integration: Windows 11 Pro comes with built-in integration of Microsoft Teams, enabling seamless collaboration and communication with colleagues and clients. Join meetings, chat, and share files without switching between applications.
  5. Gaming Enhancements: Gamers will appreciate the gaming enhancements in Windows 11 Pro. With features like DirectStorage, Auto HDR, and Xbox Game Pass integration, enjoy immersive gaming experiences with stunning visuals and reduced load times.
  6. Virtual Desktops: Stay organized and focused with Windows 11 Pro’s virtual desktops. Create multiple desktops for different projects or workflows, allowing you to switch between tasks seamlessly and declutter your workspace.
  7. Enhanced Touch and Pen Input: Windows 11 Pro offers improved touch and pen input functionality, making it ideal for professionals working on touch-enabled devices or using digital pens for note-taking, drawing, or design work.
  8. Advanced Security Features: Protect your data and privacy with Windows 11 Pro’s advanced security features. Secure Boot, Windows Hello facial recognition, and BitLocker encryption provide robust safeguards against unauthorized access and data breaches.
  9. Improved Performance: Windows 11 Pro is designed to deliver faster performance and efficiency. It optimizes system resources, reduces background processes, and prioritizes active tasks, resulting in smoother operation and quicker response times.
  10. Compatibility and Support: Windows 11 Pro ensures compatibility with a wide range of hardware and software, allowing you to seamlessly transition from previous Windows versions. Microsoft’s ongoing support and regular updates guarantee a secure and reliable operating system.

Upgrade to Windows 11 Pro and experience the next generation of computing. With its redesigned interface, productivity enhancements, and advanced security features, Windows 11 Pro empowers professionals to work smarter, collaborate seamlessly, and achieve their goals with confidence.

Explore the features and benefits of Windows 11 Pro on the official Microsoft website here

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